Since its founding in 1953, TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING’s TSUNEISHI TRADING CO. has worked to provide pipes and other shipbuilding-related equipment and materials. Since 2003, we have been active in exporting such equipment and materials to shipbuilding companies overseas, and have also been involved in import and sales of reliable, high-quality equipment and materials from overseas manufacturers. In the shipbuilding industry, we are seeking to improve responsiveness to revised standards and new technologies while upgrading skills as specialized traders and expanding business opportunities. In addition, by finding uses in new fields for existing products and related goods, we are growing our capabilities for sales and project planning in new segments where we have not yet been active, taking a step upward as a general trading house that is responsive to today’s complex shipbuilding industry. Going forward, rooted in our dedication to providing materials promptly and in appropriate amounts, we will continue to provide operational support to trading partners in Japan and overseas, responsive to their increasingly complex and varied needs, and building solid relationships of trust. By further strengthening our ties with other group companies, we can all work as one, boldly taking on challenges to become an ever more responsive and strongly competitive organization. In the future, we will seek new challenges as a global company able to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction, as a trustworthy partner that cherishes its ties with customers and employees.


Tsuneishi Trading Co., Ltd.
Kensaku Nohama, President





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