Tsuneishi Trading Personal Privacy Policy

At Tsuneishi Corporation (hereinafter “our company”), we believe it is important to respect the right to protect personal information. We further believe that protecting the personal information of our customers is a fundamental element of our business as well as a social obligation. Therefore, we have adopted the personal privacy policy set forth below, and communicated to, and made efforts for adoption by, of this policy by our officers, employees, and consultants.

1. Collection, use, provision, and retention of personal information

1) With respect to the collection of personal information of customers, we will make clear the purpose for collecting such information, and collect the same after receiving consent to do so. The scope of use for the personal information collected shall be limited and it will be properly handled.

2) The personal information collected maybe provided to third parties within the scope of proper purposes. In these cases, we will make clear the purpose for collection such information and handle the same appropriately after obtaining the clear consent of customers.

3) We may entrust third parties to hold the personal information collected to promote the smooth conduct of our business. In these cases, we will choose parties that meet sufficient standards for the protection of personal information, and have such parties observe these standards of protection through contract stipulations for the appropriate handling of such information.

2. Prevention and corrective measures with respect to the loss, destruction, tampering, leaking, or improper access to personal information

Our company will strictly manage personal information of customers, and adopt preventative measures against an assortment of risks such as tampering, leakage, or unauthorized access. We will designate specific rules in regard to the proper handling and management of personal information and appoint a person who is responsible for these activities.

3. Respect for laws and other standards regarding personal information

Regarding the handling of personal information, our officers, employees and consultants will respect domestic and foreign laws and guidelines in regard to the protection of personal information.

4. Continuous improvements to the personal privacy policy and company regulations

In order to effectively protect personal information as is called for today, our company will continue to improve our personal privacy policy and company regulations.

Hiroshi Hasegawa,

Our company may amend the preceding policy.
Notice of any such amendments shall be provided on this home page.

Personal information requested from customers who use our company’s home page

  • This home page is operated to provide information in regard to Tsuneishi Corporation. When using this home page, requests may be made for personal information in some portions of the site (surveys, inquiries, or registrations for temporary employment when necessary). The types of information requested primarily include personal information such as names, email addresses, telephone numbers, home addresses as required. Moreover, we may ask questions outside of those categories of information, but, with the exception of the minimum necessary information, the customer may elect itself whether to respond, and information is provided at the discretion of the customer. Furthermore, our company does not alter information obtained without the consent of customers.
  • Please understand in advance that requested information may be provided to third parties to the minimum extent necessary. (For example, we may provide notification of the name and address of a customer to a company to which we have consigned delivery services). Upon a request to disclose personal information in regard to a person who has provided such information, we will disclose the personal information related to such request.
  • Our company will take reasonable necessary measures to protect the privacy of customers who visit our home page.

Governing Law This home page is administered by Tsuneishi Corporation

  • This home page may be accessed from countries around the world that are subject to differing laws. However, both those persons accessing the home page as well as our company agree, notwithstanding any differences in the relevant legal principles, to be bound by the laws of Japan and the ordinances of Hiroshima Prefecture in regard to the use of this site.
    Our company does not state or indicate that the contents of this site are appropriate for the environment in which accessed by users. This home page is accessed on the basis of the free will of users and responsibility in regard to the use of this home page resides with those persons accessing the site.

Warranties and Limitations of Liability

  • Use of this home page shall be at the responsibility of the customer. Our company disclaims any liability in connection with any damages arising from the use of information obtained from this home page or other web sites to which links are provided.

Use of Cookies

  • Cookies are used so that, in the event that a customer revisits this home page, the site can be viewed more conveniently.
    Cookies are information transmitted by the site to the customer’s browser that is then stored on the customer’s computer. However, the stored information does not include any distinguishing personal information such as the name, address, telephone number or email address of the customer. Moreover, this does not have any negative impact on the customer’s computer.
    Customers may also adjust their browser settings to prohibit the storing of cookies on their computers. Adjustments to those settings should not interfere with the ability to view this home page. Please make any inquiries in regard to adjusting settings with the manufacturer of your browser.


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