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view of the requirements of the Ballast Water Management Convention, a surge in demand is expected for BWMS (Ballast Water Management System) retrofit work.

With regard to installation, shipowners everywhere are faced with a gamut of issues, ranging from the major impact of construction scheduling on operations and the installation space required by the convention to lifecycle cost calculations, selection of the retrofit site, retrofitting expenses, complex and difficult procedures, and after-sales maintenance.

Come to us for advice on smoothly and efficiently implementing BWMS installation.

Making the most of the TSNUEISHI GROUP’s powerful teamwork, we provide just what every shipowner wants in terms of optimal services for all processes and situations.

You can rely on us to handle not only bulk construction but also single or combined processes related to BWMS retrofit work. Our versatile, globally active staff stands ready to meet goals economically and in the shortest time possible.  



First retrofit work completed on April 17, 2015!
The first installation of a ballast water management system on an existing ship was completed at the Tsuneishi Repair Factory.

Construction equipment entrance(deck)
Construction equipment entrance (deck)
Construction equipment entrance(cargo hold)
Construction equipment entrance(cargo hold)
New BWMS equipment (neutralization-related)
New BWMS equipment (neutralization-related)
New BWMS equipment (filter)
New BWMS equipment(filter)



Four noteworthy points

If you want to avoid all the hassle — TSUNEISHI TRADINGS will take care of everything!

In addition to performance and economy, the safety of ships is a prime consideration, and we find the optimum manufacturer based on the vessel type, ballast pump capacity, installation space, etc.

* We recommend BWMS equipment manufactured by TECHROSS, JFE, and Samsung.
We also handle products from other manufacturers. Contact us regarding your specific needs.
We can also handle construction done by shipbuilders outside the TSUNEISHI GROUP. Contact us any time for more information.

Point 1

Design Capabilities to Finish the Entire Process!

In BWMS retrofit work, design holds the key to achieving ideal results.

Accurate, detailed drafting of retrofit drawings affects all processes, from preparation for construction to selection of materials.

At TSUNEISHI ENGINEERING, the TSNUEISHI GROUP company that is responsible for ship design, highly experienced engineers are an essential part of the wide-ranging network utilized to provide highly developed designs through design planning based on reviews of existing ducts, pipelines, etc.

Prompt construction scheduling is made possible by applying data from ships previously built by TSNUEISHI GROUP companies.

3D drawings of equipment layout (overall diagram)
3D drawings of equipment layout (overall diagram)
3D drawings of equipment layout (new construction portion)
3D drawings of equipment layout (new construction portion)


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The first step starts here.

1: Description and proposal of installation plan — examination and estimate

After an analysis of hull information, an outline of the installation plan is presented.

Vessel type selection takes place at this step, either by using the vessel type pre-selected by the customer or by proposing a vessel type based on results and expertise gained through ship construction.

A preliminary study is made of the survey done on board the ship. Because we offer advice from the perspective of a shipbuilding trading company, we are the ones to consult about unforeseeable issues as well as recognized issues and questions.

2: On-board measurements and surveys

With existing ships, in cases where it is difficult to acquire detailed drawings such as site-based work drawings, an on-board survey is performed, after which the BWMS equipment is selected and the retrofit procedures are determined.

When necessary, a 3D laser scanner is used to take measurements.

3: Design

Accurate detailed drawings are drafted for BWMS retrofitting.

Our design staff, well trained in BWMS, promise to provide safe and reliable construction.

3D-CAD shortens lead times

TSUNEISHI ENGINEERING has introduced an advanced 3D CAD system for prompt and accurate design of pipes and other parts.

We make good use of data from our 3D laser scanner.

Point 2

A network to provide flexible responsiveness!

The repair yard makes a big difference in terms of cost and scheduling, based on where the construction is performed.

In Japan, we work with the TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Repair Factory, which is replete with four special-purpose docks and seven wharfs.

Even in cases where retrofitting is done overseas due to the relevant main shipping routes, we still take advantage of our flexibly responsive network. We have ties with repair yards in major ports in China, Malaysia, and Dubai, and can provide retrofitting work for the route that best suits the needs of the shipowners.

Point 3

Come to us for prompt, economical, and reliable service!

For overseas construction, which is a source of anxiety for some, we send staff who has built up a track record of results and site-based expertise. Our strength lies in being able to respond to unexpected situations on a case-by-case basis.

Shipowners everywhere can save themselves time and trouble by relying on us for everything from commissioning and final adjustment work to construction management and testing.

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Concerned about the scheduling of construction?

The retrofit work takes from about three weeks to one month.

A preparatory period is required before starting construction, with preliminary steps that include selection of processing equipment, on-board surveys to confirm the project location, data analysis, design, dock entry scheduling, and transfers.

Preparations require six to eight months for a ship built by the TSUNEISHI GROUP using its pre-existing hull design drawings, and from eight to ten months for a ship built by another company, when additional time is needed to draft the design drawings.

Point 4

Resourcefulness and care are what this trading house is all about!

In various areas ranging from information to logistics and expertise, we are a trading company with many years of experience in providing equipment and materials to shipbuilding factories in Japan and overseas, and that is our greatest strength at TSUNEISHI TRADINGS.
We are confident in our ability to provide services precisely targeted to meet your specific needs.


Mounting equipment
Mounting equipment
Mounting equipment
Mounting equipment
Checking operations
Checking operations

I want to learn more!

There is not much more I want to know, but …
In addition to basic BWMS equipment, we provide all other equipment, including pipes, metal components, electrical wiring, parts selected by the customer, and other essential items, whether in Japan or overseas, reliably delivered at the specified time and location.

Allow us to take care of coordinating between the repair yard and the various manufacturers. Whether it involves initial costs for BWMS or retrofitting, or running costs and/or after-service for post-retrofit maintenance and consumables, we will propose the optimum vessel type to suit each shipowner’s needs, based on our professional perspective in maritime transportation and shipbuilding.

You can trust us to purchase only reliable, high-quality equipment.


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