Parts procured from overseas sources.BWMS filters and filter parts.Grab buckets and grab bucket parts.


Boost efficiency and production yield!(Early development of increased production plan)

Incoming orders vary greatly depending on market trends.

When the long-term outlook is for an ongoing stream of incoming orders, one option is to expand and reinforce production equipment, but that requires not only time and money but also careful planning of staff hiring, which naturally entails some risk. If the supply/demand outlook is uncertain and you are hesitant to provide more plant investment, and so are putting off increased production planning, why not let us put our expertise to work for early development of an increased production plan?

Our company’s increased production plans are backed by the TSUNEISHI TRADINGS network.

We can provide prompt and effective solutions to your problems by procuring parts overseas!

We have built a production system whereby the required parts are made reliably to meet specifications, using the same quality standards as in Japan, and by taking advantage of the various benefits of each location we can provide the added benefit of lower costs. Furthermore, we provide continuous quality control and troubleshooting of manufacturing processes, so that you can rest assured even when working with new overseas trade partners.

With trust and experience built up over many years of overseas business activities, we successfully expand production at lower risk and less cost.

BWMS filter and filter parts (filtration equipment)

Building a bridge from parts procurement to product sales.
Specialized manufacturer of filtration equipment/Company K

In 2011, working with TSUNEISHI TRADINGS, we began trading with parts manufacturing Company I (in China), and two years later they committed to fill all orders for BWMS filter parts.

In 2014, new Chinese companies were added to the list of vendors to further strengthen our supply system.

With orders to deliver parts to ship equipment manufacturer Company S (in China), we are planning to expand overseas sales of products made in Japan.



Grab buckets and grab bucket parts (cargo handling machinery)

Cutting manufacturing costs and opening new channels for overseas sales
Specialized manufacturer of grab buckets/Company T

In 2012, we proposed having some grab buckets made by Chinese companies.

In 2013, TSUNEISHI TRADINGS initiated trade with two parts manufacturers (in Dalian, China) as vendors.

In 2014, we signed a contract with KAMBARA KISEN (a TSNUEISHI GROUP company) to supply grab buckets. In addition, we began to carry out sales activities with overseas shipyards and port facilities.



Using our global network to opening new overseas sales channels!

After successfully manufacturing at lower cost and higher efficiency by using parts purchased overseas, why not proceed to expand sales channels?

We provide full-fledged backup for sales, not only in Japan but also overseas.

We enjoy a competitive advantage even overseas, with attractive high-quality, low cost products.

In order to open new sales channels overseas, there are many things to know in advance, including company information, local trade customs and characteristics, and contractual matters.

Based on an accurate grasp of your company’s products, we introduce products from trustworthy vendors and smoothly support the entire process from commissioning to delivery.

We respond promptly and in good faith to resolve any problems that may arise.

With a reputation for reliability and results cultivated over many years, we successfully expand sales channels without any worries over risk or cost.


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